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Drill Bit Attachment

Drill Bit Attachment

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Part Number:70-WJDA

Overview and use:

Using the Drill Bit Attachment, you can turn you Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill into a drill powered grain mill. It’s as simple as removing the handle, attaching the drill bit to your drill, slipping the drill bit over the end of the auger shaft, holding the drill in place and letting the drill do all the work. The Drill Bit Attachment is a quick and easy way to motorize your Wonder Jr. Hand Grain Mill!

Recommended Grinding Speeds:

We recommend using a variable speed drill so that you can keep the speed low. This will prevent premature wear of your grain mill and it will result in much less mess. As far as speed goes, we recommend that the speed should not exceed 160 RPM (which is about twice as fast as you can crank it by hand.)

Drill Recommendations:

  • For milling hard grains and beans:
    • We have found that the Dewalt DW130V 9 Amp 1/2-inch Heavy Duty Drill works perfect. It has a low RPM range (0-550 RPM), plenty of torque, and plenty of power to hand grinding semi-hard to very hard grains, beans, and dry 
  • For milling soft nuts and beans:
      • Pretty much an drill (even cordless) will work for milling soft items. Just remember that some drills are hard to keep the speed at the recommended speed.


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