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Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill

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Overview and quality:

When it comes to hand grain mills, they are usually very cheap or very expensive. Cheap mills perform below par and expensive mills perform fantastically. The Wonder Jr. Deluxe Hand Grain Mill was designed to offer the quality of the most expensive hand grain mills at an affordable price for the average homemaker. The Wonder Jr. Deluxe Hand Grain Mill is the highest quality and most multipurpose hand mill available on the market.

Using the Wonder Jr. Deluxe, you can grind anything from cracked grains for cereals to super fine flours for baking. A simple swap from the stone heads to the stainless steel burrs will give you the option of making nut butters, or grinding flax and other wet and oily grains. You can also grind spices, herbs, legumes, soy beans and even fresh coffee using the stainless steel burrs.

With the Wonder Jr. Deluxe, you can be assured to always have fresh ingredients for cooking and baking, even when the power is out!

Many professionals agree that the Wonder Jr. Deluxe is THE BEST hand mill to own!

Versatility and features:

The Wonder Jr. Deluxe Hand Grain Mill is entirely powder-coated which makes it easy to clean and safe to wash. The large hopper can hold one quart of grains, beans, seeds, nuts, etc. Due to its octagon shape, the hopper is very easy to fill. Unlike other hand grain mills, the Wonder Jr. Deluxe is a one piece construction. Because of the one piece construction, there is no worry of the hopper coming off during the milling process (unlike many other hand mills).

Many consider the heavy-duty patented double clamp one of the ultimate features of the Wonder Jr. Deluxe. Opening to a width of 2 inches, the clamp can attach to most any tables and counters. Once clamped down, the mill does not move or shift around, as opposed to other hand grain mills on the market that loosen and move during the milling process. It is also made with extra-large bearings that are lifetime lubricated.

The versatility of the Wonder Jr. Deluxe is incomparable. The extra-thick stone heads result in a smooth milling process and a lifetime of use. Within seconds, the stone heads can be swapped out for the high-quality stainless steel burr heads, made for milling oily or wet grains. Because the Wonder Jr. Deluxe is heavy duty, you don’t have to worry about overloading it. This "World's Best Hand Grain Mill" has the ability and capacity to perform heavy duty jobs. It will grind wheat, rice, other small grains, legumes, beans, oily seeds, nuts, herbs, coffee and much more. It is definitely the most multipurpose and versatile hand mill available!

Simplicity of use:

The Wonder Jr. Deluxe could not be any easier to use. You simply load the easy-fill hopper and turn the handle clockwise! The new addition of the flour guide makes it easy and convenient to direct the flour (or other milled substance) to wherever you want it to go. Cleaning the Wonder Jr. Deluxe is just as quick and easy as using it!


The Wonder Jr. Deluxe comes with a 6 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

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