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WonderMill Grain Mill

WonderMill Grain Mill

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Micronizing Milling: 

The WonderMill Grain Mill is set apart from other grain mills because of its “microburst” milling technology. Two plates, each containing hundreds of teeth, fit very closely together. While one plate stays in place, the other plate rotates around it at thousands of RPM’s. These micronizing milling heads literally burst the grains straight into flour. The adjustment knob on the front of the mill allows you to grind a variety of flour textures, from super fine pastry flour to coarse meal flour.


The WonderMill can grind dry grains and beans. It can grind wheat, corn, rice, and many small grains including quinoa and amaranth. It can also grind beans and legumes. Go to for a comprehensive list (and videos) of everything the WonderMill can grind. The WonderMill is also perfect for making inexpensive and fresh gluten-free flours such as brown rice, white rice, quinoa, bean, chickpea, soy, corn, etc.

Long lasting and powerful motor: 

The WonderMill Grain Mill is the most powerful micronizing mill on the market, with a 1250 watt motor.  Because of its remarkably strong motor, the WonderMill can grind large quantities of flour at a time. Click on the following link ( to see the WonderMill grinding 1,000 pounds of flour, continuously, without stopping. [Note: Do not try this at home. This video was made strictly to show the power of the motor. The WonderMill is not designed for commercial use.]

Effortless use and maintenance: 

The WonderMill Grain Mill is the perfect kitchen appliance because it is so easy to use! You simply choose your desired flour texture, turn the machine on, fill the hopper with grain and the canister fills with flour. Advancements in the design of the WonderMill now make it possible to turn off the mill during the milling process and then turn it back on to continue milling. After you are done grinding, leave the mill on for a few seconds and the milling heads will do a quick and easy “self-clean”. If you are interested in transporting or freezing your flour, the optional flour bagger accessory allows you to grind your flour directly into bags.


The WonderMill Grain Mill is 12 inches tall by 8.5 inches deep by 16.3 inches wide (these dimensions include the mill and the flour canister). The cord length is 60 inches. The mill itself weighs 7.05 pounds. The hopper capacity is 8 cups. The flour canister capacity is 16 cups. The flour canister is designed to easily detach from the machine for easy and convenient storage.


The WonderMill Grain Mill has a 6 Year Limited-Lifetime Warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects. 


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